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 My Kung Fu Life


I first became introduced to martial art training as a child, by my father.  He earned black belt ranking in Judo while stationed in Japan with the U. S. Navy.  After coming home from grade school a few times with signs of being beat up by a couple kids, he decided to teach me how to defend myself.  What he taught me gave me the ability to make them leave me alone.  Thanks Dad.


Like many, I was influenced by Bruce Lee, back in the 60's as Kato on the Green Hornet TV show and in the 70's after he made it to the big screen.  Along with a whole generation, I wanted to be like him.  Bruce's main system was Wing Chun, but there was no one teaching it in my area.  There were a lot of Tae Kwon-Do schools springing up, so that's where I started.  I finally found Wing Chun in 1982 and it has been a beneficial part of my life ever since.  Little did I know, watching Bruce Lee on TV when I was 11 that he would contribute to my Wing Chun lineage.


Operational Experience


  • Began Learning Wing Chun 1982
  • Granted Wing Chun Sifu Certification 1990
  • Operated Wing Chun School in San Francisco 1990-1995
  • Teaching Wing Chun in Texas since 1996
  • Black Belt Ranking in Tae Kwon-Do 1981
  • Formal Training in Various Martial Arts Since 1972
  • Certified Pistol Instructor
  • Real World Experience as Bodyguard, Security Consultant, Private Detective, Bail Recovery Rearrest Agent (Bounty Hunter), Diamond Courier, State Supreme Court Certified Process Server
  • Featured in Black Belt Magazine and other publications
  • Theatrical, Film, Television Technical Consultant


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