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Next Level Kung Fu

Born in Rebellion

One of the differences between Wing Chun and other combat arts is that it's based on certain logical principles, rather than a collection of techniques.  If a technique doesn't adhere to these reliable principles it is considered weak. When people are programed to use a specific technique to solve a variety of (expected) types of attacks, they become confused when an actual attack is delivered differently than in class.  Your initial time spent training will involved becoming familiar with the underlying concepts, physics and principles of the system.


Physical Discipline

Wing Chun clearly illustrates less is more.  Endurance and efficiency are achieved through economy of movement and energy.


Mental Discipline

Sorry to disappoint, but our classes are taught in a practical, ethical and professional way.  Kung Fu (功夫), or in Cantonese, Gung Fu simply translates to supreme skill from hard work.  The Wing Chun Kuen (詠春拳) system dates back roughly three centuries.  It was devised as a very efficient, direct method of defeating existing forms of hand to hand combat.  To this day it remains a practical system capable of delivering destructive force in close quarters.

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